Here we go with another episode of Lucky Star, this time featuring cake and eye drops!

Sneak Attack!

Sneak Attack!

I still haven’t found a good way to blog this series. There isn’t a plot to speak off or anything really. Its all references and random, both of which I love in this series. Heck there is even a Saw III reference, when they head off to the movies. Then there is this nice part about a cake buffet and how if they leave food it cost extra. This of course comes down to them being extremely full but still having to eat more.  Before all of that is how to study…but don’t follow the advice.
Then there is a whole nice part about blood types, which I have been seeing that come up quite a bit in series for some weird reason.  Its all the same once you see it once, people guess, they get it wrong.  BUT after that it was what food and all of this other stuff, which was amusing to say the least.  Then there was the eye drop part.  That really just has to be seen.

Saw III, lol

Saw III lol

So overall, again I say it a lot, but its a good episode.  Though as I also say a lot this has to be up your ally for it to be enjoyable.  So thats it I’m done.

Eye drop

eye drop