So lately I have been reading web comics, as all my regular manga is getting bought out. I come across these two that are particularily good. The Noob Comic and No Need For Bushido.

 I will be talking about NNFB, or No Need For Bushido. This manga is about a daimyo’s daughter who has run away because of an arranged marriage. There are some pretty funny battles, and one of the main characters is a real loser, but manages to accedentally win a lot.

Many jokes happen, and hilarity ensues, it is a pretty good comic to read. gets a 3.5/5


The Noob Comic is quite good as well. That is, if you like to play online games. This comic is like a spoof on MMOs. It is pretty much a joke kind of comic, and is good for those who have some kind of understanding of MMOs, though even if you don’t know them too well, you can surely find this quite amusing. 4/5 for