Well its been awhile since I did some stuff with this series. I really regret it though, this really is a good series and always has something cool to show. So going off the last episode, Aoi is stuck in some kinda of trance and it’s up to the rest of the group to save her. Everybody is so protective of her for some reason.

I think this is all yaoi fangirls closets

I think this is every yaoi fangirls closet

So as I said above, it’s all about saving Aoi, though this time they are not alone in their quest. It seems the journalist girl wants to help as well, to mend and all of that stuff. More on that later, but right now. So she can hold out longer before being taken over completely she is taken to a special hospital to be taken care of, who happens to be an old friend of the sword guy.

So, the thing is, Aoi is not the only person to be in this coma. So, lets put the part together, news showing the same signs and there is a wannabe journalist. Yeah, thats right she figures it all out, with her awesome resources. It seems they all have the connection of bullying or in the case of, Aoi knowing this one guy. All this guy wanted to do is be with this dog. In the end he failed, and then he is given the POWER, like everybody else.

check it out, flashback

Check it out, flashback

This guy’s power is to have this dream world and do the trance/coma things. So the group has to fight in this dream world, filled with stuffed animals of doom. Though in the end that doesn’t really happen and it’s the dog spirit, that was his evil spirit thing, until it is purified by the nurse none-the-less and Aoi that ends the whole thing with talking and all of that stuff.

So overall, some awesome stuff went down even though the action wasn’t all that much. This story keeps going deeper and with the second season coming, I need to start catching up and hope the series doesn’t take a nose dive.