You guys did it to me again. My cursed sword series is all gone T_T. Oh well, here is another good sword fighting series.

Dragon Hunter, like it’s name suggests, is about a person and his partner who hunt dragons. The main character wields a dragon-scale sword, and his ’sidekick’ is a magic user.

The action is good, and the humor is wonderful. You see, the main character enjoys money so much that… Well maybe I shouldn’t tell you, as it would ruin the punchline of many a joke.

There is trouble for our protagonist in the form of competition. There is a ‘guild’ so to speak, and it doesn’t like competition. This means that if you aren’t part of their guild, they will kill you. Said guild is attempting to polish off our protagonist in any way they can, and said protagonist eventually gets the point and gives them some retribution.

It’s a pretty good manga ranking at about 4/5 for it’s humor and bad-assness. If you guys don’t get to borders before next week, I will completely buy out the series, so :P