Just go play the game instead, really play the game. It will give so much more enjoyment than this. I kinda see why RPGs don’t make very good movies and stuff after watching this. But then again, has anything based on a game ever been good? The only thing for this series is the art, it looks nice, and thats it.

This didn’t do anything for me

This didn't do anything for me

This was just a pain to even sit through. I thought when the fighting came it would get better, but no. They can though in moves that are used in the game and all of that, but it doesn’t make the thing any better. I thought it could have done a good job, but no and just the things they do with the plot. They very loosely keep the main idea of the story, but all the stuff that happens in the game, doesn’t happen.

Example: there is a part where a character is a friend with a person in a camp being held. They get caught and the town gets raided and all of that. In this, the town just gets razed. Then there are other things, some minor, some major. It was really disappointing in a lot of ways.

Emo stuff here

emo stuff here

I don’t want to talk about this for long. I didn’t like it at all because it wasn’t true to the games and really it just didn’t entertain me. Some people my like it, but I sure didn’t. I may watch the next one to see if anything happens that could at least make it not be as bad, but I dunno with what this first one was.

Relationship stuff happened here

Relationship stuff happened here