Its been a while since there was a Lucky Star episode post, and this is a series I happen to enjoy a lot and am not too happy it isn’t caught up so this post will be a huge catch up post in the Lucky Star series. This will cover episodes 3-8 and will just go though each one generally and point out the highs or some of the references. So, with no more distractions, Lucky Star: A half a dozen catch up.

Episode 3-

Well, lets see this episodes covers everything from summer, to weddings, to even how to collect. This is also about where the way the series works is done being laid out here. As for references, this episodes didn’t seem to have to many, or just didn’t have a lot of ones I caught. Miyuki is still always being referred to as the moe character, most of the time indirectly, but it is there. This episode as I said, teaches the way of collecting; it is important to have 3 of each if you have true love to the series. Then there is the whole bit about winning contests and that it takes LOVE AND PASSION, among other things. Really an amusing episode, mash up of different topic things to include much more than I said, from types of twins, to ponytail day.

Episode 4-

This one holds a lot of references, from things like 2chan, to Haruhi. For Haruhi there were 2 parts, the first being that the gift Konata gave Kagami was the SOS armband. The second time being Konata watching the show then going to 2chan to see that people were flaming it. This episode also showed Konata being late and falling asleep in class because of video games, which just about any gamer can relate to. Also there was a little talk about Konata’s job at the cosplay cafe and all of that. Along with there being a reference to Full Metal Panic in Kagmi’s room. She has a plush of the bear character (whose name I have forgotten). What I really see in this episode is how references start to come in more and the characters are defined more by what they do, how they act, case in point Konata with the sleeping in class and all of that.

Episode 5-

This one just goes on with the MMO references. If you know a bit about MMOs you will get a lot out of this episode, if not most of the jokes will not make much sense. Tanks, to AOE spells, to guild chat it is all there in this episode. This is also the episode where we meet Konata cousin and it is the summer festival episode. So you know all those generic things have to be played out. Even the fish net thing, to even shooting games (with a rifle not a pistol). Then there is the oh so genius strategy of doing homework. As long as it is close, or just write something close. So overall I liked this episode more than others because of all the MMO references I got, for those who don’t know all of those won’t get as much out of it, but it is still an enjoyable episode.

Episode 6-

Every series has to have a beach episode, so this is Lucky Star’s one. But on the way down, we get to see what could just be the must reference the series has done. A full on Initial D part, where the animation changes, the music is changed, and everything. It was quite awesome in many ways. Then with the beach though there is the whole talk about how beach food only tastes good at the beach and all of that. Then add in a H game tip on how to save often, and that is about episode 6 of Lucky Star. Not all that much to say about this one its all straight forward.

Episode 7-

Lets see, what happened in this episode…well for one don’t play games when you have to be somewhere within an hour or so. Don’t follow the homework advice. Then, really this was all about cell phones. So it goes though all the stuff that could happen with cell phones, like going off in class, not knowing your number when you first get it. Even to the point where it talks about all the key chain things that can go on it. So yeah, thats about episode 7, not really all that much I want to say about it. Then there was a bit about how people can think differently about the same manga, and how baseball makes anime come on later.

Episode 8-

The track and field episode. Any reference to an NES game is pure win in my book. Being a gamer and seeing that is just awesome. Through there is more to the episode then that. There is also eating the schools food, and talks about waiting in line. Then there is the whole bit on Konata’s manga buying and how she bought a double when she thought she was being extremely cleaver. This episode has to be up there in terms of favorites, if not my favorite. There was a lot of funny stuff in the episode with the track and field to the book store. I can’t really think of much more to say about this episode, I want to because I did like it so much, but I don’t really have anything.

So with this ends the half a dozen catch up with Lucky Star, pictures will be up soon I just really have to sort though them all, so I should have them up by the next day. I hope you all enjoyed the quick runnings though the 6 episodes of Lucky Star.