Alright, as requested, I finally got some votes. Thank you for voting…the few that did. By a small margin, the question of music has won.

We intend on presenting music with a golden coffin after this short eulogy.

First things first. How did this start? Where did people get the idea that music could shorten your life? Is it possible? Can it really be done? Will those notes of beautiful passion truly shorten your days? My immediate thoughts: hell no.

It’s irrational. It doesn’t make sense. How could sounds make your life shorter? Music is nothing but sound put together in a way that is please to certain people. So, music is sound, and we hear sounds all the time. So if it’s possible that music shortens our lives, wouldn’t it make sense that any sound would cut our time short?

If that’s the case, then deaf people will outlive us all.

Ok then, that’s the “no” (or “hell no!”) side of the argument. I’m also willing to present the affirmative side.

Here are my speculations. Certain music might be able to shorten your life. Like, for instance, music can be inspirational. If you like to listen to music that talks about gangs, that might get you to join a gang. In a gang, your chances of getting shot are dramatically increase. Also, if you like to listen to your music to the point where it’s damaging…that could possibly bring permanent harm.

Naturally, there are other remote possibilities, but these seem the most likely to me.

These, my dear friends, are my thoughts on whether or not music shortens your life. Feel free to throw some more speculations at me. I do enjoy comments :).