I have come to the conclusion, if you have commented and you left a url to your site, your in the side bar. So as I type this..or before, after whatever. I’m going though all the comments left (I think) and just adding these sites to the sidebar. I’m not gonna lie I like comments, but its not really the number that gets me, its that people read what I wrote and either corrected me, added something, or anything along those lines. That is cool, so I need to thank them for doing that.  So yeah other stuff, I’m going to get a video game blog.  Why?  Well not only I’m going to collage for that, but it has been something I have loved for just about all of my life.  It is bound to be awesome and stuff, I will put a link up for that when I get it up.  That is more of a I need to do this, it is something that maybe I should have done a long time ago, but now happens to be the time.