Tea got punched in the face, thats all I care about this episode. She got what was coming to her, I was pleased. Other than that, background was in there and stuff and the reason why it is called Strikers is told. So I’m pleased.

See overall I like this episode, its just the thing is the next episode is a day off, which means filler. So with all of that these Tea focused episodes really just wasted time for other stuff that could have happen. There could have been more huge battles before this. That on its own is why I’m not to happy.

Though it was quite amusing that the dagger Tea went so far to make a blade when it was built into her gun in its second form. So she wasted her time learning that. Now don’t get me wrong there was some Nanoha background stuff and how she went though some hard times and stuff. So that was alright, but I’m really just against these episodes so I’m going to look at it less then what it could be. So for these episodes just take what I say as a grain of salt.