Yeah, the title really sums up what I think. I see Tea as basically Asuka now and I’m not pleased. Really the last thing I want to see is Tea’s obsessiveness get someone killed, and hurt (again). She needs to do her part and thats it. She is good at ranged, she knows this; it doesn’t seem to be good enough for her though.



This is really one of those things I hate, this whole angst thing. I never really cared about it, Full Metal Alchemist, didn’t really care. Same here, this whole self guilt/revenge isn’t really what I want to see. I mean for the last episode fine, ok go do that, but then for this WHOLE episode no, not cool.

Coffee Break

coffee break

Even Nanoha is against this, she tries and everything. She teaches Tea, but like the old saying you can take a house to water, but you can’t make it drink. Same thing. Nanoha does the teaching but Tea doesn’t listen. So really for me not the best episode, but that is because I hate the situation. Yeah the mock battle was cool for the short short while it was there, but that can only do so much. So there, this is me talking about Tea’s character for a whole post, deal with it.

oh yeah, he did say some stuff in this episode

oh yeah, he said some stuff in this episdoe