Well this episode took a turn, Tea has started to think she isn’t good enough and that she has to prove herself. This was not the best move for the series to make if you ask me.

So really this dealt a lot with Tea, and as I think she is alright as a character this wasn’t cool. She was about the last person I would expect to act like this. So she all has to be like “I NEED TO BE POWERFUL AND STUFFS”, so that is going on and this is even during a mission. So not the best time to try stupid stuff, which of course she gets yelled at, which causes a whole lot of stuff and all of that.

What still keeps up is the military ways they work. I still think it is an awesome idea, and I think it works so well after it was in the background of the two previous series. There was a lot of build up I suppose, but I love it so…yeah. Then out of nowhere Yunno comes in this episode and isn’t working for them anymore he does history stuff with old things and all of that fun stuff.

Overall, other than my whole problem with Tea it is a good episode, I just don’t really like when characters act like that and stuff. Though this is my opinion, if yours if different let me know. I just hope this gets solved up in the next episode, since the preview showed more of it. We will see how things work out.

Note pics soon, busy with lots of stuff right now.