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2007 June

June 2007

Lots of licensing going around now, ya know cons make that stuff happen.  So like the good person I am, I have been reading to see what is up.  So now I’m going to go and talk about them and see what crazy ideas I can think of that the companies could do to mess with these releases.  So let it begin!

Wow, it seems just last week I was doing the 100 post mark.  Here it is though 200 post and though out that time the site sure has changed, links added, more series done, on the way, working on.  Then to even hit 100 comments around at the same time.  Not everyday that an achievement happens with that.  As I did in the 100th post I want to thank the other staff, they pick up when I may have other stuff to do and make post more readable.  Then heck even though 100th post the way I write has changed, the way pictures are posted and tons of stuff.  I just hope I can continue to hit milestones like this.  Now, its not like I care that much about comments, I’m not expecting them, nor am I addicted to them.  For posts though I kinda am, I’ve been working on the post a day update style and it is working well.  That is what I’m glad I have been able to keep up.  As for the future…I just want to see more people read what we have to say, though as we have been known to say.  We’ll keep blogging if your hear or not!  So with that I think its time to end this mile stone post and start working toward the next.

Here it is another episode of the crazy Luck Star, this week or time. Mostly about cell phones, texting and all of that stuff. Then of course references all around. (and now I’m writing it again after loosing it because of a crash)

I think there is a reference here…I don’t see it though
I want to say there is a referance here...I don't see it though


I figured I might as well get my summer previews done, shouldn’t be to bad. I’m not one to go into everything, but just the stuff I will watch or stuff I will hate for coming out, or anything along those lines; but not every series. So not too much to read, hey!


Here it is the final episode, and overall it was a good ending. Nice and simple and pleasing. World is saved and all is good with the world. The battle this episode was really awesome, it did save the best for last.

The final blow

The final blow


Another two episodes and there is yet another form of Dancouga, it may be less shinny; none-the-less it pwns the evil of, not Earth, but of SPACE!…or the moon really. Then these being some of the last episodes that means stuff goes down a lot, and fast.

The slash through, truly a classic

The slash though, truly a standered


Its not often I go and have a post about manga, but this has zombies so things change.  High School of the Dead (HSOTD) is basically one of the classic Night of the Living Dead movies turned manga.  So with just that, I give this a thumbs up.


So, I finally beat you guys to the punchline and bought out alot of the Dragon Hunter series… Anyways, I am happy as the series stays true to awesomeness. Now on to other things.


I really deserve something for making the title that cool and for it to make sense too. For the real highlight of these two episodes is the evolution of Dancouga to its new shinny golden form (called beastgod or something or another, not that important, except for the god part…maybe).

You know this is serious

you know this is serious


This was back to the normal way these episodes flow, so it was mostly crazy with a fight thrown in.

That looks just like the GaiGaoGar move

It looks just like a GaiGaoGar move


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