This series is very hard to see what is going to happen next. Anything that you would think to happen is just skipped and things you wouldn’t think of come up. Case in point being the whole thing with the blood types.

This series really has done a lot of surprising things with story and all of it. From being a standard mecha anime as I thought it would be, it has changed into something a bit more. I may have just had assumed for this series not to be anything new. It gives off the appearance that it is a just another in old mecha anime. But then it goes and turns that around and you get a really solid series.

Things have really started the change. Its more serious now and I don’t really notice character development much in series, but I am really noticing it here and it is quite good. The progress of the story for the series is just going really well too, nothing seems rushed at all and for a 12 episode series, thats not an easy feat.

Then there is always this sense that something is still hidden even when something may be talked about. It is easy to tell that there is stuff that will be figured out soon, but even then who knows what else could be hidden. It was confirmed this episode there were indeed other pilots, but if they are alive or not who knows. I still give it a watch rating, this one really is not what it seems and could be an under looked hit.

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