So this series is pretty pimpin’ for those of you who like sword manga. I have seen many, and yet there are always new variations to be had. This is like a conglomerate of many other sword mangas, but I find that I like it quite a bit.

First off, the *main* character of the story is already uber powerful, so they don’t start him off by having him “level up”. There is a catch, however. The only beings he can draw his sword against are demons, and demon like creatures, as the sword was created to kill all demons.

The sword has it’s own personality, and like all swords with egos, it wants to take over the body of the wielder/host. This amuses me, as it reminds me a little of Atelier Iris 2 Azoth of Destiny (or something like that). The sword is always saying stuff that makes me laugh.

Anyways, after a battle with a lesser demon, a minor king finds himself idebted to our protagonist. The sister (yes he has a sister, and a sorceress no less!) is all like “No problem, we were happy to help!” But the brother is like “REWARD REWARD REWARD!!!” It was actually a mistake, but the protagonist went with the king to his palace.

It just so happens that this king’s brother’s minister had sent the assassin. Of course, everyone who is a politician knows this. The fact that he survived was not lost upon the minister, so the minister sent a high level demon to kill our protagonist.

The moves havn’t been too flashy, nor has the story line been anything absolutely wonderful, but it is a good distraction. If you are all out of anything else to read, try out Cursed Sword. I would give it a 3/5.