With this episode it starts the 3rd arc, and really not much of Hei in there in the first place. Its all about this Havoc person and she had some powers, but then they went away, it gets confusing.

She doesn’t look well


Overall it was a good episode, I mean the series is keeping the same quality, which is above a lot of other series. Though as it goes though you expect more and that hasn’t happen yet. For me having very little Hei shown was a downer for me, but it did give some more story to be confused by. Things have yet to come together, so I am starting to wonder when it will. When it does I expect things to clear them selfs up and well be able to see why things happen the way they did.

Not that bad of a drawback


Another thing is that how every 2 episodes there is a new arc with new characters. So far it hasn’t lead to an overall arc or story thing, so I’m wondering how they will come together if they do at all. Also along with this, we still do not know who Hei is working for, if he is good and all of that. We know there are cops after him and such, but since when does there being sides mean they are right.

So there is still a lot for the series to go story wise, but I am being picky with only 5 episodes in, but still it would be nice to see some stuff go though. Then I wonder how this arc will end and if these new characters will go away, these new ones do seem they could stick around.

Your Kidding