Once again, I have returned to torment the senses with my random writing. If you liked the sensuality of my last post (ooh yeah), you’re going to love this one. This post, not only mentions sex, but is about sex. And this is, of course, a most special and interesting type of sex.

This is my first and only warning. Now, if you wish to have you desires indulged, click on for…PENGUIN SEX!

The heat! The steam! The melting ice! Oh the tuxes!! That’s right, penguins! This is about penguins having sex. The ultimate expression of love. The way the males establish themselves in their culture. And how do they manage to keep those tuxes so nice and clean and tidy?? It’s amazing! Best of all, it will be revealed.

This, my dear and close friends, is what Wikipedia has to say about penguin “mating habits”:

Some penguins mate for life, others for just one season. They generally raise a small brood, and the parents cooperate in caring for the clutch and for the young. During the cold season on the other hand the mates separate for several months to protect the egg. Usually, the male stays with the egg and keeps it warm, and the female goes out to sea and finds food so that when it comes home, the baby will have food to eat. Once the female comes back, they switch roles.

Interesting. Very close to people, no? Especially that female dominance thing.

Now, the actual process of penguins mating is…well…more than what I’m allowed to say. But I will say this: they have sex in style. I mean seriously, look at those suits. Those penguins must be pretty damn graceful to keep them clean even after having that “good ol’ time”.

That, is definitely something to be respected. Hell, they’ve been doing this kind of stuff for centuries. I’d say they’ve had the right idea long before we did.

Before I head off of here, I’d like you all to raise your mouse’s and keyboards up high and shout “GWAGHRAH!!!”

Yay for penguins!