I’m just gonna come out and say it, the ending was disappointing. Though this is from a person who hates just about every ending there is. This one wasn’t good though, rushed comes to mind again, then really just way to open and stuff.

Pocky Magic

pocky magic

For me the ending was far to open. It is very hard to tell if people are alive, or not. What was cool though is that it looked and could have been the same area from the first episode. I thought that was really cool, bringing that back. Though for action wise, not so much. There wasn’t a huge battle at the end which is what I thought was gonna happen. I was very much so set up for something like that to happen.

Thats still cool

That is still cool

Overall it is an OK series, but not much more than that. The flaws are few, but there just to big, from being rushed, to the art being off in some episodes. It is worth a watch, but if your a fan of the manga, not so much, or if you don’t like this kind of anime.

Ghosts Pwn

Ghosts pwn