Hahahahaha! I think Shadro may have been worried for a while there, as I havn’t posted since he last saw me. Kinda been avoiding him over messenger too, but that’s besides the point. My friend has his anime, so I need to get it back to him soon. Anyways, this is the first Mech Manga that I have ever read, and it is by far better than most Mech anime out there. Funny story, btw, my sister is helping my brother with homework, and she just said “G = ½”. With only one sentence being related to the topic, I suppose I am getting off topic, so without further adieu here is my review on Phantom: Skmajeh’s Manga Corner.

So I just got this last Saturday, but I knew it was kinda good already due to a chapter preview in Shonen Jump. The art is well done, and the story line is nothing to laugh at either. For the most part I am an adamant believer that Mechs are too overused. Then you have people like Shadro, who don’t care how much it is used, they just like giant robot suits that kick ass. I don’t have a problem with the latter, just don’t try to make me watch it. Well, at least that was what I thought before Phantom came along.

Phantom is more of a serious type manga. There aren’t too many jokes, except for maybe smack talk when fighting happens. The story revolves around a police force guy named ‘K’. K’s department area doesn’t get much money from the government, so he has to fight terrorists with a crappy mech. Thing is, the terrorists seem to be playing with him, as he doesn’t get killed any times he goes out on his missions.

This eventually leads our protagonist to wonder “Are they really terrorists?” I know this may not be too original, two forces working against each other – rebels and empire LOL – but it casts it in a pretty refreshing light, as it feels somewhat ‘newer’ than most other Mech things.

If that isn’t enough to get you to read it, then know this! Phantom has the first chapter of Archlord!!! J/K, you can’t find a manga that doesn’t have the first chapter of Archlord, I just thought that I could add that for humor. Anyways, Phantom (Though I despise most things Mech) gets a rare 5/5. Wow.