Well, another 2 episodes and it seemed to side step the story; but I didn’t really care. These really seemed to focus on character development and all of that stuff. More upbeat episodes than normal. AND THERE IS CAKE!

That is funny, I don’t care how cheesy it is

This is funny, I don't care how cheesy it is

So, as I said a lot of character development, that I think really doesn’t matter and won’t come back to do anything in the last three episodes. Not to say it wasn’t fun to watch or anything, but I’m saying that it isn’t that important story wise. This is I suppose the standard filler that every series needs to have. I mean yeah there was some plot to it, like ‘where is -insert evil dude-’ and things like that.

That is the evil laugh

This is the evil laugh

There are only 3 episodes left and I dunno, I don’t see it closing nicely. Though really all of everything is seeming rushed and all that stuff I don’t want. I have been looking at some of the manga (reading it no, I’m not awesome like that), but that looks way more awesome and longer than what is being seen. Still as much as I seem to put down the series, it is a good series, it just could be oh so much better.

Now yeah I’m totally not talking about the episodes per say. But in a way I am with progress and all of that. I mean the episodes were kinda filler, making a cake goes under filler. Watching people heal, filler. These do about to end by the end of the 9th episode, where the huge evil dude shows up. So, it looks the series will end on a bang or so I hope.

So she is a girl (and a nice one)

So she is a girl...