Now, I know it’s been a while since my last post. If that displeases you, I’m terribly sorry. If it doesn’t…then…well you might as well be happy that no one is forcing you to read this anyway. (Note: if someone is actually making you read this, there’s a very small gun placed inside a hidden compartment on the side of your monitor.) Anyway, on with the fuzzy stuff!

As you may or may not recall, my last post was a request for a topic. Since only two people made suggestions (and they were two different suggestions) it leaves me to choose one of them.

Since I know nothing about penguin sex and I’m too lazy to do any research on it, I’m going to divulge your senses to the beauty and grace of…cotton.

Yes! That’s right, cotton. What is so spectacular about cotton? It is amazing, it is comfortable, and it has cool, pointless spelling. There’s so much greatness about cotton, its astounding. You can wear it, look at it, envy it, and–most of all–write about it!

So, without further adieu, I shall entertain you with my Ode to Cotton:

Wonderful cotton.
Let your grace bless the soft skin.
May you be ever warm.

This, alone, should be enough reason to love cotton. If it’s not, then think of your most favorite clothes, and your most comfortable (which, for most people, is the same) and look at the tag. By a good chance, it’s going to be cotton. And if it’s not, then…well…I’ll feel rather foolish. But that’s often the way of a random writer.

I could go on to explain all the uses and options of cotton, but that would get graphic. Yes, even more graphic than talking about penguins having sex.

Before this gets any worse, I shall bring all to a close. Thank you kindly for visiting Club G. Be sure to remember to pick up the remains of your sanity in the incinerator.

Enjoy the free condiments on your way out!