I do not lie, there was much about Justice and power and all of that in this episode. Then there were some cheep shots taken against the war. This series sure does get more and more interesting.

Now its a bit early

Now its a bit early for that

So, this really has turned out to be more than a cheesy mecha anime. This time around it takes some time to poke fun at some of the things like calling out what they are going to do and all of that. Works for this series, with it being random and that being an understatement.

Fanservice, right on

Fanservice, right on

This was the first episode where Dancouga is not all powerful, it has a hard time with the battle this time around. Then for a nice end of the episode surprise, there is a red Dancouga who is obviously piloted by the person in the juice commercial shown earlier in the episode. The only question is why.

Overall this series keeps getting better when I was not expecting anything but simple mecha action from it. This could turn into a real hidden treasure, and I hope it does.

The Future Perhaps

The future perhaps?