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2007 May

May 2007

This series is very hard to see what is going to happen next. Anything that you would think to happen is just skipped and things you wouldn’t think of come up. Case in point being the whole thing with the blood types.


So this series is pretty pimpin’ for those of you who like sword manga. I have seen many, and yet there are always new variations to be had. This is like a conglomerate of many other sword mangas, but I find that I like it quite a bit.


First off, how dare you? YES YOU!!! Here I am, helping you peeps out, and what do you go ahead and do? STAB ME IN THE BACK!!!


Well, here we stand once again; with another episode in the third installment of the Nanoha series. It was just about the same as…4 I believe, or whichever one had training, for thats what this episode was, training…again. Though to be fair it was not bad or anything, I do think it was better and more enjoyable this time around, so that is always nice.

Look training

Look training


Alright, here’s the deal: I got short notice on writing this post, so I have no ideas. Once again, I’m going to request for a post. I know that my penguin post was severely lacking, and I promise that won’t happen again.

Soon there will be a poll up (Shadro Permitting) and you can go ahead and chose your topic.

The choices will be coming from one of my previous posts.

Until then, enjoy the laziness!

With this episode it starts the 3rd arc, and really not much of Hei in there in the first place. Its all about this Havoc person and she had some powers, but then they went away, it gets confusing.

She doesn’t look well



Its the date of Star Wars when it first came out in 77.  So, due to this and for me some life problems, there will be no post today, I’m sorry I haven’t been on the ball lately, don’t worry though I’m trying to pull it together.  Everybody else has been really cool with posting when I ask them and stuff, and that is awesome.  So, yeah; again sorry for people who read and want a new post things happen, but its one day so not to bad.

Once again, I have returned to torment the senses with my random writing. If you liked the sensuality of my last post (ooh yeah), you’re going to love this one. This post, not only mentions sex, but is about sex. And this is, of course, a most special and interesting type of sex.

This is my first and only warning. Now, if you wish to have you desires indulged, click on for…PENGUIN SEX!


I’m just gonna come out and say it, the ending was disappointing. Though this is from a person who hates just about every ending there is. This one wasn’t good though, rushed comes to mind again, then really just way to open and stuff.

Pocky Magic

pocky magic


Hahahahaha! I think Shadro may have been worried for a while there, as I havn’t posted since he last saw me. Kinda been avoiding him over messenger too, but that’s besides the point. My friend has his anime, so I need to get it back to him soon. Anyways, this is the first Mech Manga that I have ever read, and it is by far better than most Mech anime out there. Funny story, btw, my sister is helping my brother with homework, and she just said “G = ½”. With only one sentence being related to the topic, I suppose I am getting off topic, so without further adieu here is my review on Phantom: Skmajeh’s Manga Corner.


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