Some of you may or may not have read my Disgaea post from before. Then I was talking of the game, but now I will talk about the manga. This book pretty much sums up all of the game, though in many parts it is slightly different.

Reading this manga, I noticed that the character art is moderately better than the anime version. This demands a certain amount of respect, as Flonne was way too tall(1). The story line is just as funny, no even more so, than the video game. Though many of the jokes can be considered lewd.

The manga goes much more into the characters that aren’t so much looked into in both the game and the anime, and it puts more, dare I say it?, realism into the manga(2). Mid-boss is back, and he is shown in a less appealing light than ever before. In the end, something that has long been spectated on is confirmed, as the Seraph says something that makes everyone who is a fan of Disgaea say “I KNEW IT!!!”

A very welcome improvement to the anime, if you like playing games just for the storyline, then I suggest you read this manga instead. It pretty much covers the whole game, albeit slightly different, and it is all packed in one book. I give Disgaea one, a four out of five.

  1. Her neck was all stretched out and stuff. The anime just rubbed me wrong.
  2. Hey, don’t even start. I know just as well as the next guy that there is hardly anything realistic about most mangas, but there was a word that needed to be said, and I couldn’t think of anything more descriptive for what I was talking about.