I kinda just had to watch this because it was on like every ‘this season’ list, and then I watched it. I’m going to warn you now I’m very set to my opinion on this so, yeah. I thought its was extremely generic, but it just worked so damn well for it.

Now remember their not a couple yet…maybe

Their not a couple yet...maybe

The plot is not hard to get (for even I got it), there is a girl who is really tall and a guy who is really short. In this episode they go after their crushes as a team, only to fail because those two people end up liking each other. But then the two main people are too busy fighting with each other to realize how good they are for each other. Thus my theory for the rest of the series is all the stuff they go though before finding that out and or even whats after that.

Thats her sprit

Thats her sprit -nod-

Again, I think its really generic, but height jokes are funny and the generic stuff is just done in a way where its laughable and you keep watching. At first I will admit I didn’t expect for me to like it, but I really thought it was quite amusing with the generic plot and stuff. I am just a sucker for generic stuff and it being used to the fullest. I love when it is made fun of, which this could so turn into and that stuff.

Though this isn’t really my area that I’m usually in even though I love a lot of Clamp stuff. Then even Tokyo Mew Mew I think is a good series, but see for those the ‘love’ plot is covered at times with like fighting stuff. Lovely Complex is pure…er…school life stuff I guess…yeah I’ll go with that, and I really just think it’s mindlessly amusing and that makes it worth while.

Both: “I QUIT”