Well finally I’m back and thought I would start off again with basically my pick for this season Darker Than Black. This episode still keeps that impact of goodness that the first one has while adding more plot and action.

So this episode really just starts turning things upside down. Nothing is what it is meant to be. I still have no idea who Hei is, and who he is working for. This episode really starts to show what the dolls are though. It is about just as they sound they are just puppets but with the memories of a person. Chiaki, our friend from the last episode is one. This is all fine and good until we find out she is being controlled.

Lucky for Hei he has his awesome bullet proof cloak. Then this episode had its share of story, but also its share of action as well. Once again we get to see Hei use his wire again, but the sword was nowhere to be found. But with the story things are shaping up really nice.

Overall if you can’t tell I really liked this episode. Maybe it is just because I think the idea is interesting or just maybe because it is good. The whole tie in with the stars and stuff as bad as it sounds is actually quite cool. Nothing is so far out it seems they are just looking for references.

NOTE - due to the fact I’m ready to fall asleep right now, pictures will come up later, sorry.