Meh, here’s King of hell, book 2 overview. I am feeling very tired due to the temperature right now, so ignore any mistakes that you see.

This book starts Majeh right in battle. He avoids all the attacks done by the apprentice swordsman, it seems that he doesn’t have any plans on killing him. After a while though, Majeh finally gets tired of having to dodge the attacks, and he threatens the old man that he would pull out this young swordsman’s spirit if he didn’t call him off. The old man does so immediately, and the apprentice fainted. It seems that Majeh’s status as emissary to the next world gives him great powers over the living.

Majeh notices that the apprentice was using a familiar sword style, and asks the old man about it. It turns out that the old man was the master of a ‘white’ sect school(1), and he had beef with Majeh back in the day(2), hence the lost arm.

After Majeh finishes up there, he goes to his bodies resting place. It is in pristine condition due to Hanum water. This allowed his body to stay as it was when it entered the pool. Watching over it is his lover (I think), whose name is Dohwa, when he was still alive. She is not at all aware of Majeh’s presence, and yet they almost have a conversation.

A few days later, Majeh is in some town, and he sees a conflict begin with a group who calls themselves the ‘Insane Hounds’ and a woman about 24 years old. The woman, after she mocks the group of three men, throws poison darts at their arms, making them useless in a fight. They run away, as they are cowards and weak as well(3).

Majeh has sensed energy from the next world, and quickly goes to investigate. After destroying the demons he finds, he wonders at why they seem so recent.

At the same time, the King of Hell calls an emergency meeting, due to the fact that the seven worst fighters from Moorim escaped. This is what brought those demons out – a portal from the next world to this world, not only allowing the seven from Moorim, but other demons as well. The King of Hell assigns Majeh the task of hunting and exterminating the creatures, which Majeh attempts to reject. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a choice, but when he gets put back into his body, something shocking happened.

Dohwa was being killed by some man. Due to Majeh’s allergy to people killing his loved ones, Majeh immediately destroys the man in less than, like, two seconds. Dohwa and Majeh share a sad scene, and then Dohwa dies.

The book concludes by Samhuk telling Majeh that the King had a message for him. It leaves you waiting for more awesome action, and keeps you hooked to the story line. This happens in every book, and it is one of the reason’s I keep buying them. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! So I am pretty sure you do too, so stay tuned to Skmajeh’s Manga Corner!

  1. There are two sects, White and Black sect. Whites think themselves as absolute good, while they believe Blacks are absolute evil, at the same time Blacks think that the Whites think too highly of themselves.
  2. 300 years ago. Wow, that guy is old.
  3. They are pretty much comic relief.