Welcome to Ragnarok, synopsis of book 2! There will be a brief overview of those who enter the fray, as well as something shocking. Spoilers alert.

Okay, so remember when I told you about the connection between the Valkyrie and Iris? Well here you learn that Sara, the Valkyrie, is Iris’ sister. I didn’t see it coming at first, so when it showed up in the second book I was like “Wooohhh”. Anyways, Sara wants vengeance on her father for killing her mother, though why he did so is still a mystery. It was supposedly an important thing that had to be done.

Fenris finds Chaos, and tells him that he is Balder, a god that has been reincarnated. No matter what she says, Chaos thinks she is a loon. This part amused me.

Not only has Sara Irene attacked Fayon, but Skurai the cursed prosecutor has come in as well. Between the two of them, they make short work of the village, with the only resistance being Lord Irene. Now with what I said above, you may be thinking “Skurai and Sara are on the same team?” No, actually, Skurai and Talatsu, his cursed sword, see Sara and decide that she must be drained of her power. They wait on the side lines for an opportunity to slice open Sara.

In the meantime, Sara and Lord Irene are fighting, and their battle is brutal. Many spells are cast and deflected, but when Sara attacks Iris, that’s the last stray for Lord Irene. Up until then he was holding back, he didn’t want to kill Sara, but once that happened he charged her. She pulled out the sword of retribution, and impaled him. She was pretty happy about it, but then Skurai found his chance and attacked Sara. At the same time Lord Irene began to pull out the sword from his stomach, unknowingly moving Sara out of the way of Skurai’s attack, and himself into the way. Skurai impales Lord Irene, and he tells Sara that he wishes he could have explained the truth about her (Thanks for the cryptic remark, jerk-face).

Right when this is happening(1) Chaos has a mini-heart attack, and realizes that he is balder. With an immense push, he summoned Nidhogg, eater beneath the tree(2). Nidhogg then goes and shoots out a powerful beam of energy, engulfing all in its wrath.

It does a dramatic cut, and we go to this other group. They are assassins, and they are currently on a mission. Their guild is all about balance, and whenever it tilts in one direction, they can be found killing for the opposite side. Months have gone by, and every few weeks 10-20 children are brought into this guys castle, but don’t leave. Loki(3) and his group are there to kill all of the guards, and the lord of the manor. Once they commence the attack, one of the assassins purposely lets the guards alert the others, just because he enjoys killing big groups of people.

This book abruptly ends when several non-human creatures siphon from the castle floor to attack said Assassins. Overall, this book had a decent amount of action, though there was a lot of talking as well. It was pretty sweet, and if you liked the first one, you will definitely like this one.

1. A lot of stuff is happening at the same time.
2. A mythical dragon. Very powerful.
3. Loki is a very awesome Assassin. He is my hero.