Once you realize that the OP is lying to you this episode is pretty interesting. Its to bad I had to download this show twice to watch it. Its not my fault though, the OP blatantly tells you to uninstall!

Alright, time to get serious. After all, the internet is serious business and we shouldn’t treat it like a dump truck.

Bokurano is a horror/mech anime. While there isn’t much horror in the first episode (unless your allergic to shellfish, then it could be pretty scary) the mechs do show up. The series main mech is gorgeous. Rather then go with the straight forward battle design of Gundams, Bokurano uses a much more stylized design. Thats not to say it doesn’t look powerful. It just makes power look good.

Fourteen seventh graders and one fourth grader go to spend a day on the beach. While there they discover a cave full of computers. One genius in the group (perhaps an honor roll student?) makes the logical assumption that a homeless man must own this cave. For those of you who can’t tell, thats sarcasm. No body who can afford a cave full of electrical equipment couldn’t afford a house. Anyways, this strange old man returns to the cave and offers the kids the chance to beta test his new game. Of course he forgets to mention that the game is really, but thats just some little detail, right?

So anyways, the old guy shows them how to control this amazing mech by wiping the floor with a mechanical lobster. Then just as suddenly as everything appears it all goes right away leaving only the terrain damage and random witnesses to prove that it all actually happened.

The first episode is a little slow. Most of the episode is spent on the beach and the most important scene (the mech fight, of course) only gets a short air time. Hopefully the writers only went this slow for the first episode to introduce the characters and the pace will pick up. Theres plenty of potential in this show. Now lets just hope it can achieve it.

In parting, I give this episode 7 robotic shellfish out of 10