Once again I am surprise, though to really be honest I was not expecting anything from this series. It did take me by surprise and it turned out to be a cool episode and start to the series.

The Sky

The Sky

First Sola really remained me of Air, but the thing is I never finished Air…so…yeah. Though the art style I think is quite close and for me the overall feel is there.

The story (or what I gather) is that we got this guy, who likes the sky and pictures and all of that stuff. Then his sister is sick and is under constant care, then this guy I assume lives with his friend. It isn’t all that hard to get, though are mine guy here meets this girl (omg plot 101), but something is weird with her. For some apprent reason at the end of the episode we find out light + her = bad and there is this guy trying to kill her. My guess vampire.

The awesomely cute girl that maybe is a Vampire

The awesomely cute girl who maybe is a Vampire
Overall, though I can’t think of much to say I really liked it and I think I will be able to get though it, which is a lot to say for as much as I want to watch these types of anime I get lazy. This could be the one though that I do get though.

The guy with the sword…wait, what?!

The Guy with the sword...wait, what?!