So I picked this up, and I thought “Hey, I remember this in Shonen Jump!” It was pretty good, but I only got the first chapter in the jump issue, and I wanted more. So when I finally saw this, I was pretty ecstatic about it. So here is a manga review on Zombie Powder.

So there are these rings called “Rings of the Dead” and once you get all twelve of them, you can bring back the dead or get Immortal life. See, the twelve rings give you something called Zombie Powder, and that’s what has all the powers. So of course, there are people looking for these things, and they are willing to kill to get it. This is the story of one such man named Gamma Akutabi.

Gamma Akutabi has this pimpin’ sword that he carries around. Now to many of the characters in the manga, they think him a fool not to use guns, but unbeknownst to them Gamma’s grafted “Black Armor” is able to catch bullets. Pretty sweet, right? I quote from the first guy Gamma goes up against “Are you high or something?! I got a bazooka in my hand! What are you gonna do with a sword?!” Gamma promptly cuts this guy to shreds. Gamma wants the zombie powder to gain immortality.

Elwood is a master pickpocket, and is quite good at throwing knives. One day, while working for a gang that conscripted him, Elwood attempted to steal Gamma’s wallet. Unfortunately Gamma was wise to these things, and Elwood stole a fake wallet instead. After some time, Gamma ends up saving Elwood from the gang that he was in(1). Elwood decided to join Gamma in his search for the Rings of the Dead, so that he could bring his sister back to life.

C.J. Smith is Gamma’s partner. Both Gamma and Smith agree that they would not work with somebody that they could kill, thus this speaks quite a bit about Smith’s skill. Smith is a gunslinger who is just as fast as, if not faster, than Gamma. Smith seems to be ‘the brains’ of the group, giving information to Gamma. This ends up helping Gamma in a fight, as well as in his search for the Rings of the Dead. It is unknown at this point(2) what Smith wants the rings for.

The art has an interesting mix of foreground and background. What I mean by this is that neither are too crowded most of the time, and it is done with moderation. The characters are drawn to give that ‘bad-ass’ look, and the fighting isn’t too cut up with words. I would suggest reading this manga, and like most manga I read, this gets a 3.8/5.

Authors Note: You may be wondering why I give most manga I read anywhere between a 3-4/5. The answer is simple, really. I normally don’t go to borders and think “Hey, lets buy a crappy-looking manga today!” The result is, as you can see, very satisfying in regards to how good the manga is.

  1. Elwood was in the gang so he could save up money for his sister’s heart operation.
  2. I have only read book 1 so far.