Wow, I almost forgot how cool this series was, it has been so long since I have read any of it. O-Parts Hunter is an interesting manga, but it went under a different name. O-Parts Hunter used to be called 666 Satan, and for obvious reasons they changed it. This amused me, because a few days before I saw it out, I was thinking “If they ever want to sell 666 Satan in America, then they would have to change what it was called!” So here I am, a few days after I saw this out, blogging about it in my anime corner.

Now I didn’t actually pick up the first book, but I have the first 57 chapters at my house, and I will guess that the thing is around 2-3 chapters, so I will introduce the reader (You) to several of the important characters.

Jio Freed is a young child. People that get close to him tend to die, which eventually led to people calling him cursed boy, and things like that. When he was a kid, Jio befriended another named Jin. Unfortunately, Jin’s parent’s died later that day, and Jin saw Jio do it. Traveling around, Jio has no friends, and due to his sadness/loneliness he dreams of World Domination – sort of like Naruto dreaming to be Hokage. Jio met Ruby in the first chapter, and acts as her body guard, claiming “I will do anything for money” in order to fund his World Domination goals. Jio is an O.P.T(1). Jio has a mysterious being inside of him, called Satan. It appears when Jio is about to die, or at other times such as when Jio befriended Jin.

Ruby Crescent is a treasure hunter, like her father. Her father died when she was young, so she now travels in search of objects called O-Parts(2). After hiring Jio as a bodyguard, Jio quickly found out she had no cash, and decided to ‘follow her until she pays’. In reality, though, Jio has become friends with Ruby.

Jin is about the same age as Jio, maybe a little older. He carries an O-Part that is a sword designed in a flame-like-manner. Due to the fact that Jin saw Jio kill his parents, Jin’s hatred for Jio made him strong. Eventually they meet up, in chapter three, and fight an enlightening battle.

Jio and Ruby start on a search for O-Parts, but after searching they become entangled into the politics of two opposing forces – Stea, and Zenom. Jio must fight against these two if he ever plans on his dream coming true, and to keep his friends alive. The story is definitely a page-turner, with lots of fighting action and an interesting storyline. I give this a 4/5.

  1. O-Parts Tactician. Not everyone is an O.P.T., and only O.P.T.s can use O-Parts.
  2. O-Parts are objects that, when infusing your power into them, they do different stuff. Not all of it is combat stuff, but for the most part people use o-parts to fight.