Ok, I’m going to be opinionated for this next sentence. Best spring anime yet! I loved this episode and really, it is the first time this season I have been like that, because as awesome as Nanoha was, it was expected to be good. This was a surprise and a half. The half being the sub I watched didn’t wanna use the real names (only shows that I need to learn Japanese faster).


This series really just clicked with me and nothing this season has done that yet so this is sweet. Its art style is one thing that I love about it, so nice and clean and all of that. That crazy modern Cel-Shading I suppose it would be.

I assume this takes place in the future, in the neo-Tokyo (because “neo” makes everything sound cooler). Where, for some reason, there is a huge wall/gate thing, why, we have no clue. It does lead to people with mysterious powers, mysterious psychic powers. These are broken down into two groups: Contractors and Dolls. So of course, with this there has to be a force that deals with them all and there is. I have no clue if they have a name though.



The story itself follows Hei or Li who is a Contractor that goes after other Contractors wearing a mask and using a wire with a blade at the end of it and a sword/dagger. His cover is that he is a transfer student and all that jazz. He moves into his new place and randomly enough meets Chiaki who just seems to be in the wrong group, but she is saved quite a few times by Li this episode.

Overall I am loving how this is turning out and I want to see more. The characters and powers seem to be very interesting, also the story is far out enough to be interesting, but not so far out it makes no sense what-so-ever. Also, though it may seem like it has been done a million times I don’t find it to be repetitive, but then again its only the first episode.