Heh, time for another D.Gray-Man. I haven’t done one of these for a while, but here it is. This episode is particularly awesome, as Allen’s new powers awaken! Also it goes into a few flashbacks with Aleister Crowley and Eliade.

So, after the recap of the last ep, It goes to Crowley talking to a picture of his grandfather. He starts crying, while talking to it about having to stay in the castle forever. Eliade comes in and tells him that exorcists are destroying his grandfather’s flowers and plan on killing him. She asks him to drink her blood so that he can fight the exorcists, so they can stay together in the castle forever.

Meanwhile Allen and Lavi are digging up the graves to find out the truth. They find out that all of the bodies are akuma(1). They begin to wonder weather or not Crowley is actually a vampire, but right then Aleister comes in and sucker punches Lavi. This knocks him out in a second. Crowley then goes in to attack Allen, and Allen starts getting beat up, badly. He stops fighting him and asks him if he really is a vampire. He tells Allen that he has always lived in his castle, and that he will kill anyone who interferes with him. After saying this he knocks Allen through the wall in his castle, and Lavi regains consciousness.

Lavi tells Crowley that he will talk to him after he defeats him in battle, and Aleister agrees. It goes back to Allen, who is walking down a corridor and accidentally finds a secret passageway.

Allen is getting beat up by Eliade, because he doesn’t want to fight back. Says he has no reason to, and tells her Crowley could be an ally of the exorcists. This pisses Eliade off, and she beats him, telling him “You will never take Aleister from me!” After she knocks Allen out, she goes to grab an axe.

Back to the battle between Lavi and Crowley, they were fighting a lot, and both seemed to fight on the equivalence of a master swordsman in their respective styles. Lavi stops the battle mid-way and tells Crowley that he might be an ally. They then begin fighting again as Aleister says that he doesn’t care. Lavi begins to get serious, and starts using his special seals that manipulate the elements.

It then switches to the most awesome part in the past 7 episodes at least. Allen is out cold, and Eliade swings her axe to kill him. But alas, his hand acted on it’s own accord!!! Grabbing the axe’s blade, and stopping her. She FREAKS out, as his hand attacks her, ripping the left part of her dress. She notices his arm is acting on it’s own, and here comes my fav. part. Allen’s eye starts to open, and some black star opens up with a capital D in it. A skull comes up, and it says “I am back Allen. The darkness has returned.” This was so cool. I think I will write that down somewhere. Allen then has a conversation within his mind with Mana Walker, the curse. His eye upgrades. It is extremely awesome. I was all like “LEVEL UP!!!” Allen sees her, and notices that she is an akuma. She asks him if he changed his mind about fighting, and Allen says “Yes, I have found a reason to fight.” Or something of the sort.

That made my day, that and the next episode is what I was waiting for since the beginning of the series on anime. It has to be my second favorite part in the manga. God I can’t wait till more episodes come out.