Best episode of the series, hands down and no, it isn’t just because it was the only episode that didn’t rehash old content. It was one of those completely random episodes that are just pure fun and create plot holes. Oh, before you go though the more thing, this was very full of fanservice, so warning here people.


This episode is basically an OVA, but a very good one at that. Where it fits into the plot line, I have no idea what-so-ever. Though it is about a trip though the God world, but like in any anime/anything else, something goes wrong (and thus you insert dramatic music). It dealt with a mirror that shrinks everyone, standard drugged up plot…if drugged up plots could be standard. This leads to tons of fanservice for the clothes don’t shrink with them (I mean of course it is logic xD).

Rin trying to get help

Rin trying to get help

Everybody’s Opinion

Everybody's Opinion

Also it seemed to take the most apparent characteristic for each character and exploit it to the fullest. So, you like psycho Kaede, well meet Kaede with butcher knife. Down to Sia being obsessive over Rin to the point of doing crazy things, even a suicide attempt.

Kaede with a knife

Kaede with a knife...

Oh, god

oh, god

Overall, this was a enjoyable watch and quite a good end to the series. For the series itself…it is a hard one for me. At first, recaps didn’t really do much for me, but that was all the series was going to be so I learned to like it along the way. Some of them were really good, others were not. I have two problems though: one, Nerine was not given the spotlight enough, and two, there were parts in the wrong episode, near the end there was stuff that should have been in Kaede’s episode, but where in other episodes. Other than that though, it was an all right series, but the end was wow.

…-back away slowly-

...-back out slowly-