HA! I have my own manga corner, this will be sweet. You may or may not have heard of this series, but I have just recently picked it up and find myself severely addicted to it. The series is called “Blade Of Heaven”.

The main character is Soma, a human swordsman who calls himself “The World’s Greatest Swordsman”. I am not sure how old he is, but I am thinking somewhere between the ranges of 16 to 21 (though I could be totally wrong). He is being kept prisoner for stealing the “Blade of Heaven” from heaven’s vaults, and claims that he had no such interest in the weapon. He eventually meets up with a bunch of companions (this is to be expected) and they go on a journey to find the real thief of the Blade.

The art is somewhat reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z, (for those of you who don’t like that series, don’t be discouraged!) and has quite a few jokes that range from mildly amusing to hilarious. There is quite a bit of battle banter, but it doesn’t restrict the action like it does in other series (this mostly happens in anime, as they seem to like to put dramatic pauses in everything). The characters are also dynamic, meaning that over time their personality changes a bit (they learn).

This is a really nice series, and should be picked up if you ever have the extra monies. 4.5/5