It’s been a while, but here’s D.Gray-Man episode 20 for you. I know I havn’t been keeping up with them, but for that I blame Shadro (how dare he leave out episode 25+ Negima!?!?). Anyways, I will add a quick recap of the previous episode, in case you forgot.

In the last episode Allen was sent to find his master, Cross. He went to a village, heard of a vampire (Kyukitski, I think, is the Japanese word for it) and was asked to exterminate it. It was the only lead to General Cross, so Allen and party (Lavi) went to go check it out.

So in the beginning of this one, it shows Allen talking to Komui, and we can see that he (Allen) really doesn’t want to search for Cross. This is a flashback Anyways it goes back, and it shows Crowley (Don’t listen to the translation they make! Its Alastar Crowley, remember this) sucking the blood from a villager. A battle happens between the exorcists, and the vampire Alastar. Since sucking the blood of the villager, he became faster and stronger (the fact that he is a vampire probably has something to do with that). With this, Alastar caught Lavi’s hammer with his teeth. Let me tell you something, that was really, really awesome.

Amazingly enough, Allen catches Crowley, but Crowley bites into Allen’s anti-akuma weapon. Amazing that his teeth can penetrate the anti-akuma weapon. Now I will remind you of a few of the times that his innocence has been harmed before: once with Kanda, cutting his arm with an anti-akuma weapon, and a few times with Victorio who also used innocence. Do you see the connection? Crowley is actually an exorcist (as they clearly agreed that he isn’t an akuma, and that is pretty much the only other thing that can do damage to innocence)!

Back to the anime >.>; Allen and Lavi chase Crowley into his mansion, and get into a few… errrr… situations where better things could have happened. Luckily Allen knew how to handle the situations. One thing lead to another, and Allen and Lavi learned that all of the victims were actually Akuma (Dun dun duuuunnnnn).

Anyways, some really cool things will happen soon. Although everybody has probably already seen it (>.