OK, a recap of a series is one thing; but a recap of a recap of a series is just not right. That, also, is what this episode of Memories happened to turn out to be.

This is my serious face

This is my serious face

This episode is the second Primula episode and it likes to borrow parts from the Nerine recap along with the Kaede recap. Not much of this episode was not seen in other episodes of Memories. The first part was just the Nerine part all over again, but with some stuff added in there.

Now that was the same thing when it came to Kaede, but this stuff should have been in the Kaede part to being with. For example the part with Kaede stirring the empty pot, in this episode yes; in Kaede’s episode no. Something is just not right there.

So other than that this was just another normal Memories episode, though this does mark the end of the B episodes. There could be new content next episode. Whatever is next could save this series from blah recaps for 11 episodes. Though I speak bad of the recaps, they are not as bad as I make them out to be sometimes, it’s just too early for this really. If it was a few years later I think this could have hit bigger.

And this wasn’t in Kaede’s episode because?…

And this wasn't in Kaede's episode because?