Negima episode 1. Okay, so in every post I do until I get negima 25+ I will complain about not having them (Shadro’s fault). Anyways, I got a message from Shadro today and he was all like “Your posting today, do negima.” No complaints here, so negima it is.

Okay, so this episode is really funny. The character it starts with is Asuna. She has these really weird eyes that have bothered me forever, but we will deal with it. Anyways, we find out that Asuna is doing a magical ritual to get her favorite teacher to be her homeroom teacher this year. It seems that she has fallen in love with him. A few things come to mind (eww? Akward?).

Now when the students start going to school you can obviously tell it’s a girls only school. So when a boy comes running by (looks to be about 8-12), you think “That’s the teacher! No way!” and you are right to think this, because he is. It is really funny because they set a trap for him when he walks into the room. It was an eraser/trip wire bucket head trap that was very interesting.

When Takahata (the teacher who Asuna wanted) comes in, they think that he is the actual teacher. He explains that Negi (the child) is a qualified teacher, and is actually the teacher. All of the schoolmates crowd him calling him ‘cute’ and whatnot. Asuna and the class president get into a fight, and Negi can’t do anything to stop it. Luckily Takahata does, but it hardly matters as it happens again.

School is out, and Negi is sitting by these stairs when Nadoka, one of his students, falls from the top of the stairs. He pulls out a staff, casts a spell and saves her. Asuna sees this and is about to freak, but that ends the episode : ).

I left out a lot of stuff, so I suggest you watch this series for yourself, as it is really awesome. The manga, I must say, is in fact better. Oh, and if you watch this on youtube, watch out for the dubbed version (as in DON’T watch it) and Negima!? or Negima?! those are remakes, just search for the regular ones. I will post a few links to get you started, but you can tell if it’s this series by the beginning music thingy.

Shadro: yea, no links. I believe that goes against the TOS