So for the past few months I’ve been reading the new .hack novels.  This cover the events that happen into the game though the eyes of BlackRose.  Overall, if your a die hard .hack fan there is a lot to see.  The novel series really has a way to tie in with the series as a whole.  One great thing about it though is that it deals with more of the real life events and what BlackRose went though in the real world as well as the game.  Also though out the books there are some great drawn pictures, then at the end of each book there is a nice little part where it goes though concept art and all of that stuff.  So if your a .hack fan this is a must pick up, if not it is still a good read.  The first three are out and the fourth is on the way.  Of course each book goes though a games worth of story, plus they don’t take much to get though, they are a easy read.