I just had to jump on the bandwagon with awesome editorials from people like Impz at T.H.A.T. and DKellis over at Moe Check. So for my topic, I am doing all of the tools other bloggers (or at lease a few) and I use on an everyday blogging basis. So, I invite you all to maybe see the same or maybe even some other stuff you may want to use.

1) FTP -

Something that has to do with computers

Everybody needs to connect to their site once in awhile and the right software makes it pain free if you hate it, or even better if you like FTPing. My choice for awhile was SmartFTP and don’t get me wrong, it is a good choice, the only thing is that there is a register screen every time you open the program unless you buy it. Still, it is free to use forever, and I thought it really has a nice interface and stuff. So, yes SmartFTP is a nice choice, DKellis over at Moe Check has a great free pick. That was FileZilla and right now that is the FTP program that I use. It is a very nice free program and if you need simple FTP program, this is the one to use.

2) Pictures -

This is really gonna be a short one, there is about only 1 image site used and that is Sagubooru which is the respawn of Danbooru. Now, yes it is great for anime pics and the tag searching is great, however there is one huge downfall. Almost every other pic on the site is basically Heanti. So use at your own digression when your trying to find pictures.

3) Picture Hosting and Editing -

Now that you have all your pictures you need to Edit and or Host them. For hosting I use photobucket. For hosting it is great, easy to use and that is all that really is needed. I find it gives the most space with a login account. For editing once again I have to thank DKellis for showing IrfanView, I got that not too long ago and I love it, it’s simple, easy, and effective. Resisting (which I do most) is so simple and it works so well. Also, if you need, another choice is the GIMP. There is really nothing to say about it, it is the cheap person’s photoshop and don’t take the wording wrong it is a great program.

4) Video Player -

For this I only have one choice because after finding this I have seen no need for another player. This player is of course VLC. The program is really the best I have seen, offering many options and making screenshots as simple as a button press. It plays nearly every type of file you could think of. Just pick it up you won’t be disappointed.

5) IRC -

Chating it up

Every blogger needs to o chat and for that they need the right program. mIRC is a good choice, it is free to a sense but it will ask for you to register every time. It is very clean and nice and I like it. If you need another choice though Trillin is a good one. Not only does it allow you to be on Aim, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ all at once, but also IRC as well. With its ability to customize it is a worthy choice.

6) Music Players -

Listing to Music

Everybody likes music while they are making a post or something else. So I have two choices to be looked at. The first one is Foobar2000. I love this player, it is easy to use but open to a whole lot of customizing. Also it does not take much to run so no lag will happen. My other choice witch I used a long time before I heard about Foobar is Winamp. I like Winamp still, I still think it is a solid player that gives many different skins to use.

7) Torrent Programs -

This is really gonna be one sided because I love uTorrent. It is so easy to use and set up. Also at times you will forget its running, I get no lag what-so-ever. I just really think it is one of the best if not the best one out there.

So there you have it, my view though the tools I hope other people use or if not at lease I do and it may show you something new.