So this anime, Triangle Hearts, takes place in modern England. It is pretty awesome, so read this review about it.

It’s all about this singer lady, who gets threatened. She has to give her inheritance to someone, or else “bad things may happen”. Well she doesn’t want to give it away, and she doesn’t want to cancel the shows that her singing school does, because it is like a fund-raiser for free hospital care (or so I collect..).

So she hires three body guards, all of them are her childhood friends which was weird. Anyways, two of them use katanas and stuff, which at first I thought they would get owned but it turns out that they are pretty much unstopable. The third one is a woman who has already been guarding her for a while now.

Needless to say it is very action filled, and if you put up the volume, the music is very swaying. My favorite parts would have to be anytime the swordsmen/swordswomen got into a fight, which is really, really cool. I give this anime a 4/5, for it’s use of katanas against guns (successful use, btw).