So it’s been a while since I posted Mai Otome Zwei OVA 1, but here I am with number 2. It won’t be a long post. Anyways, I might as well say spoiler warning, but I am not exactly sure what I wrote there. This is some pretty good stuff.

So the start shows a bunch of terrorists demanding that the lord of Artai, Nagi, be released, and they are holding a bus hostage. The presidential election is coming up, and if Chrysant (she is the leader with brown hair and glasses) makes a wrong decision then she may loose the election. They talk about the rescue operation being a quite and quick job, but unfortunately Armitage doesn’t get knocked out by the rock they slam on her. Ironicly Arika is on the bus sleeping, and is completely clueless to her situation.

Enough said about that though, the freaky being from space makes it’s move again, and you later find out who it is (A pretty big surprise, you wouldn’t think this person would be a villain). A really awesome fight happens, and Chrysant and some others question Nagi about what is going on with the weird galaxy lady. It was a pretty sweet OVA. 4/5 for Mai Otome Zwei OVA 2.