We have all played them, and we all know how bad the turn out is most of the time. The hope for each one that comes out to be good always comes around. Should we really have this almost false hope?

From old series such as DBZ, to new ones like FMA there are games for quite a few of them. They all also have the same game, hit X, A, or some other random button to attack. That is about all the depth we get to these games. They seem to be simple beat-um ups or fighters, it is very rare to see a good anime based game. They do seem like the standard movie games. So, why do we put up with these games and play almost each and everyone that comes out? My answer is that the companies know that fans of the series will buy almost anything that comes out thus they make these crap games.

It really sucks when a lot of anime would make awesome games. Now though I say this stuff I’m really speaking of the games that come overseas and all of that. I know that there are great anime games in Japan, but those are the ones that are not seen. But really, lets look at the number of Naruto games that have come over, nearly all of them suck. They are the same fighter or adventure game that have no depth what so ever, making the games very easy. Also making them as much fun as ET for the 2600.

So, really in conclusion, a lot of anime games are made just for the idea to make money, when it really should not. If they would just take the time, maybe more good anime games or maybe even average ones will come out. But even then, all of us overseas would have to hope that they come over. Such a low chance that makes, but who knows eh?