Nippon Ichi’s Disgaea

So I have this game, Disgaea 2, and I just started playing it (after I beat the first one 3 times) and I see this trailer thing. I look at the trailer, and find out that Disgaea 1 has an anime out, and I am all like “Sweet, lets check this out.” (Spoilers warning)


All in all, I would have to say that it sticks with the characters, which is awesome. Lets recap on how the game went. Laharl is the son of the previous overlord (overlord: A king, basically, of a netherworld. (Netherworld: a planet that is filled with demons for the most part.)) King Krichevskoy(sp?). The king died though, and the game starts with the prince (Laharl) being woken up two years later. After a few adventures, including an angel assassin, defenders of earth, and the famous Mid-Boss (A.K.A. The Dark Adonis), Laharl becomes king of the netherworld, and goes to see who has been pulling the strings behind the curtains. The person turns out to be the Seraph, Lamington. Well that’s enough of that, now on to the anime.

The anime’s art is weird, but don’t let that throw you off. This anime isn’t like a serious one, instead it is more of a comedy. The characters look lanky and boney, but their personalities are amusing and predictable (in a good way). Truth be told the drawings are inconsistent (Sometimes Flonne, one of the main characters, is unnaturally tall) but these things hardly detract from the overall goodness of the anime.

The plot is very… unique I guess you could say. It pretty much follows how the game went, but it isn’t a copy of the game really. Lets just say that it is very cheesy in a sense. Just like in the game, Laharl is awoken (but by a different person) and begins his quest to become the overlord. Along the way he meets Etna, a vassal of his father, and she joins the prince (Though she obviously covets his place on the throne). With her comes the Prinny squad (dood!