Well, its another episode of memories and its just the same as before. Though this time, instead of moving forward, we get to go backwards.

OMG Flashback

OMG Flashback

In the last episode it wrapped up the series by showing the end, for this episode, it goes back. I really don’t know if that was the best move to have, it could have been better to save the last episode for later or something.

Also, really with this episode, it seemed more like a Primula episode than a Nerine episode. So really Nerine kinda got shafted in her own episode. It did have a lot of flashbacks for her, but in the end they came back to Primula.

Though with the way the series is, they were close together and it did stay like that in this episode. But still if this is a recap for Nerine, it should be her and not half of it about Primula.

There really isn’t much for me to say about the episode, I really didn’t enjoy it much because it showed a whole lot of Primula in Nerine’s episode. At least with the other ones it wasn’t as bad as this. I really think it could have been changed around. Then, my only other complaint is that stuff moved way to fast, even for a recap. It tried to cover more than it could and it was just a bad move.

Rin didn’t get a shield, why?

Rin didn't get a shield, why?

See, lots of Primula

See, lost of Primula