So now I am doing a ‘revisit’ of air gear episode 4. I guess you can call it a revisit, but this is pretty much something to cover up for a mistake I made. Unfortunately I lost a lot of stuff today in computer accident (I tried to make it do a lot of things at once) and it erased my OVA and my Japanese music. So here I am writing a revisit.

Okay, so basically this episode was about Ikki’s gang, the East Side Gunz, getting ownzed in a fight against the Yaoi. Ikki finds out about this and challenges them to a parts war. He learns a pretty sweet trick and ends up winning with the match.

I would have to say the most awesome part was where he finds the pole, and does the ‘Upper Soul’ move. Everyone was so ‘omg wtf bbq?’ He ownzed that part. Anyways Bucca gets in the way of Ikki when they have to go down the alley. I thought that was a pretty low trick to use, but it was crazy how he did that thing to his stomach. Luckily the track girls pushed the wall into Bucca and Ikki was able to win though, which was freaking awesome.

I know, I know. Everybody wants more stuff, but to tell you the truth I don’t feel like writing more (other than complaining, which is my blogger’s rights to do so). So I summarized it up, and put down some of my own thoughts on this episode and I will even give a spoiler that happens in episode 25 (Ikki dies). So that is pretty much all there is to say.

Naw, I was just joking about Ikki dyeing.