I know, I know. Everyone is like “Hey, we want to know about episode 19!”. So whatever, I’ll post it someday. As soon as I finish this informative bit of information.

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Anyways back to D.Gray-Man episode 19. So this one is a pretty sweet episode. Allen and Lavi as well as Bookman are sent to search for General Cross (Lavi and Bookman come in later). This will prove very difficult, as General Cross does not like to be found. Anyways, Allen gets off the train, and sees a peddler selling stuff outside of the train station. Stopping to talk to him, Allen begins to ask him about Cross. Before he can start, the man spots Allen’s order cross (that piece of silver on his jacket) and basically runs away frantically. Allen wonders what had gotten into him.

He stands there for a few seconds, bewildered, and, to my amusement, a huge amount of villagers tackled him and bound him to a chair. The peddler, who identifies himself as the mayor, tells Allen that there has been a vampire living in their village for some time. He identifies the man as Baron Crowley and tells of how he never shows himself during day. Anyways, the man said that as long as they stayed off Crowley’s property they were okay.

Lately though, Crowley has been attacking the villagers. The man recounts of the time when Crowley attacked an old women who lived in their village. (What a pair of fangs he had, they were HUGE). So they ask Allen to destroy the vampire for them, but Allen says that that isn’t the reason he came. Funny though, because when Allen shows him a picture of General Cross (poorly drawn, but still it is obviously him) the Mayor says that there couldn’t be any mistake about it.

The mayor goes into a flashback, telling Allen that Cross came to their village before. Cross asked for directions to Crowley’s place. The mayor warned him that those who go to Crowley’s house never return, and at that Cross laughed, heading to the house. Three days later, the mayor saw Cross come back. Cross told him that if anything strange happened, somebody wearing a similar uniform as him would come and sort things out. Thus, now that Allen was there, he was surely the person Cross was talking about.

Allen agrees to do this, and the mayor offers him a place to sleep. Sleeping at the town’s inn, a mysterious figure opens the door. It turns out to be an akuma, there to kill the exorcist Allen. After shooting Allen, who was sleeping in the bed, with several rounds the Akuma pulls off the bed sheets. To his astonishment, Allen wasn’t in the bed. It seems that Allen saw him from before, and he was able to ambush the akuma. Unfortunately there were many more akuma, and a level two whit a mysterious power. A bunch of bubbles came towards Allen and hit him in the left eye, blinding him once again. Allen is about to be killed when Lavi and Bookman come in through the window, saving Allen’s life. It was cool, but the akuma had to be lame and run away. In the process of this battle the inn was destroyed.

Getting the man out of the rubble, everyone goes to heal their wounds. It seems that Allen’s eye would heal fine by itself, but the innkeeper still needed help. Therefore Bookman sent Lavi to help Allen track down the akuma and kill the vampire (sound familiar? Bookman has made them do this every time finding an excuse to not fight. Bah.) So Allen and Lavi start walking towards Baron Crowley’s place, and Lavi brings up the possibility that the akuma is disguising itself as a vampire.

This is where they get to the gate, and bad stuff starts happening. Their nerves are up, and they are expecting an attack at anytime. Every once in a while the screen goes off and shows searching eyes. Allen and Lavi can sense Crowley’s presence and get their weapons ready. Crowley goes in for the attack with insane agility, taking out one of the townspeople and sucking their blood dry. It was pretty sweet, as Crowley is an awesome vampire. Ah, it has been nagging me, but Crowley’s first name is Aleister. Allen and Lavi agree that it isn’t an akuma, and wonder if he really is a vampire. The episode leaves you at this.

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