Yep, new series for me to pick up. It should obvious that it is going to be a mech one. But this really reminded me of old mech anime, just like…redone.



All right, here is the deal. Wars are like this everyday thing or whatever, and like instead of letting people fight it out, there is this giant mech, named Dancouga. This mech is all badass and just pwns all in the name of justice…or kinda just helping the loosing side.

So after we get to see Dancouga in action it switches to show us these four people. One, a female race car driver. Two, a business guy. Three, a young female cop. Then fourth guy, he is lazy and free. It’s all very…standard, if you will.

So after everyone is established, they are all taken away teleport style and they find themselvs on an uncharted island. This island hosts Dancouga and these people have been chosen to be its pilots. No one takes this seriously at first, though what do you expect? Uncharted island, crazy dude offering a job to pilot the mech of legends, and they switch pilots a lot (I mean, whats up with that?). Its a bit on the crazy side, but in anime fashion an ironic event shows up and they are off to ‘test’ out the Dancouga.

It ends with um…pwnage like to the max. Then it just kinda…ends. I mean for a first episode it set things up kinda cool and at a good speed for how long it is going to be (13 episodes). Only real thing is, if you’re not a mech fan don’t watch it. This is not the one that will change your mind. But I’m a mech fan and it was all right.

What?! Warp?!

What?! Warp!?

They’re all like, “your kidding”

There all like