Meh, it is time for the post-filler blog post. This is where I will place my thoughts on the previous filler episodes before now. All in all, the group of episodes was good enough to not get angry about. This is mostly because I didn’t see a single episode that wouldn’t have been just as good if it were in the manga (with perhaps a few changes). I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am relieved that this didn’t turn out to be like Naruto, where the fillers just keep going and going and going. I mean the energizer bunny is cool and all, but for some things you just want them to stop. I’m sorta going on a tangent here, but stick with me, I will be doing a quick review of all the filler episodes up until now. (Oh yea, I may have forgotten to mention that 19 is not filler, and has actually happened in the manga.)

Episode 14, this was the one with the Ygdrassil leaf. The major thing to happen in this one is that we learn of the Noah Skin Bolic. I know what your going to say “He has appeared before” but in this episode he was the only Noah around, and that’s what I count as for ‘appearances’. That’s pretty much all that there was in episode 14.

Episode 15 was a continuation of the Ygdrassil leaf. This is the first time (I think) that Lavi uses his innocence’s ability to manipulate the weather. This is a pretty neat trick, and it wasn’t supposed to be commented on until later. This goes double for an akuma’s ability to absorb it’s fellows and get stronger that way. There wasn’t much that we learned from this episode, but the things we did learn are actually pretty important.

Episode 16 was the one with the Millennium Swordsman. The first time I saw this I thought that it was a part of the Earl’s group, due to the name. Amusingly enough, it had nothing to do with the Earl, but we also have seen how desperate the Earl is to get the innocence before the Black Organization did. Unfortunately it ended with Kanda being cut pretty badly.

Episode 17 was also a continuation. In here we once again see Kanda’s healing prowess (fear it!). Though not as good as Victorio’s was, it is still pretty damn good. It amazed me that the innocence would keep somebody alive for so long. Luckily Kanda thought of a way, however painful it was, to defeat Victorio by cutting off the arm that held the sword of the innocence.

Episode 18, the last filler for now. This one was pretty much a blow-off episode, though it was quite amusing. I can’t really say that we learned anything new/important. Oh, wait, there was the loser akuma who didn’t have any weapons by itself. I didn’t see anything like that in the manga, but I guess that anything is possible. This was also the episode with the revival of Komurin II and the first appearance ever of Komurin III. That pretty much concludes the whole ‘review before the real post’ blog.