Well, I did plan to finish Fate Stay in one sitting, but that didn’t do well. So here is what I did get done.

The Goal: Watch the entire Fate-Say Night in 1 sitting

Start Time: 1:43 PM


Episode 1: All right, welcome to the start of my ideas or notes or whatever of the series. For a bit of background, or to let you know, I’m writing this up in notepad and will be a direct copy-and-paste to post. So now I’m about 5 minutes in, and yeah…seeing all the characters for the first time so on. That teacher is one crazy character. Lot of death. Omg, tech magic! But thats all he can do…Ok why is it all the important people don’t follow dress code, seriously. Man that teacher is crazy…God Archer just looks badass. The murders start to come together…in the guy’s eyes. Flashback, man that is not for a while but hey, why not, I’ll take it now. Man this guy is nice, works even though he is like rich or what not. OMG sword vision and now this guy…or girl with a lance or something. All right little girl at night, can’t be good at all and tells the guy he is going to die unless he summons his servant…oh yeah thats normal. ‘I want to become protector of Justice’ that is awesome. Ow…metal or iron xD that is so suck. Oooooo analyzing the metal, that is kinda cool…maybe. His ‘father’ knew magic, but he is gone. Main guy not good at magic really. Hm..there is justice again, wonder how many times it has been said. OMG Archer again! Wow, that is episode 1…all right then, 23 left.

Episode 2: All right, flashback with that Rin girl. All about this “holy grail”, all right then. Couldn’t summon Saber oh well. Archer can at lease make tea. Dang, burn by Archer with talking about not a perfect summoning. So…Saber should be coming soon OP kinda gives it away, but whatever I can wait I suppose, song is sweet. Ok teacher has to be my favorite for humor so far. Why is like every chick named Sakura…ok expect the Nartuo one like uber kind and stuff and stuff. Ok, why is he bleeding…Emiya is the guy’s name got it. Shinji is an ass, got it. Lol Rin shut that guy down. My god all this guy does is fix stuff with his magic. Yep Shinji is a total ass, why Emiya, why. Archer being cool, as normal. Then we got this lancer guy and lances are cool. OMG Archer has swords, that is awesome. Lancer did the murders. Ow, stabbed in the heart, OW! Oh oh talk of justice again, thats 3. OMG why does Rin care its Emiya and what is she doing this…she is healing Emiya. Guy is extreamly lucky I say. What…magic circle forming, nice…Nice he made a poster strong enough to be a sword, that is crazy. But Emiya is not doing all that much better this time. FASTER MAGIC CIRCLE FASTER! Come on its right there and he has the thing on his arm that activated the circle. WIN, there be Saber. Comes in, pwns and has a awesome line to say. And this episode is done.

Episode 3: That is crazy that Emiya gets that lucky to get Saber. Saber can fight very well, and can make her sword invisible. That is crazy and awesome and why is that so effective other than it can’t be seen, but you can just look at the way it is being held. Oh man, I can’t believe she lived though that. Come on Lancer just leaving like the lame servant he is. WHAT? ARCHER PWNED IN ONE SHOT! Everyone is so surprised that Emiya doesn’t have any magic skills. Ok there is this mark thing that can be used to overpower any order, but only a number of times…I think. Why does a church seem so ironic right now. So he is stuck with being a mater. Holy Grail War, for the Holy Grail of course. Going though the rules and such. If all the command spells are used, servant is free. Emiya has chose to fight. OH man there is that little girl.

Yea, I will be bound to get though the rest of the series sometime soon I hope.